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What Are Triglycerides And How Do They Affect The Human Body

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For anyone keeping track of their heart health, the word 'triglycerides' has probably come up. Triglycerides are necessary to maintain an adequate level of health, but having too much is not good. When this happens, you can lower triglycerides naturally with vegetarian Omega 3 and Microalgae oil. This can help prevent the hardening of your arteries and helps boost your 'good' cholesterol for increased energy.

The Role Of Triglycerides

Triglycerides are one of the most common types of fat found in your body and blood plasma. These components combine with cholesterol to create plasma lipids. Your body absorbs and uses all of the energy in your food and coverts anything it can't use into triglycerides. Then, it stores them in your fat deposits.

When your body needs an energy boost, your body uses certain hormones to release energy from the fat cells. This is where the problem comes in for many members of the general population. When you intake more food and calories than your body can use on a repeated basis, your body continues to store triglycerides and these continue to build up in your system.

To test your triglycerides and cholesterol, ask your doctor for a lipid profile. If the results have a level of 150 mg/dL or more, you will need to consider lowering your triglycerides. This can be done naturally with Microalgae oil that contains vegetarian Omega 3s.

The Dangers Of High Triglycerides

A high level of triglycerides in your blood, called hypertriglyceridemia, can have drastic effects on your overall health. One of the most common side effects is heart disease and other related heart complications. Weight problems, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, and diabetes can occur as well.

Certain medications such as water pills, diuretics, steroids, birth control medication, and even cancer drugs can further complicate matters. High triglycerides can also indicate the presence of health problems such as liver problems, poor kidney health, metabolism problems, and genetic issues.

Lowering Triglycerides Naturally

To prevent future health problems, consider lowering triglycerides naturally. Lowering your weight by lowering your calorie intake is a great place to start. To do this, eliminate unhealthy foods such as those high in cholesterol like egg yolks, trans fats such as baked goods, sugar and refined foods like white bread, and food items high in calories. This doesn't mean that you are on a strict diet of vegetables, only that you need to make healthier choices.

Foods such as whole grains, olive oil, nuts, and fish make great substitutes. Fatty acids are an important part of lowering triglycerides naturally. Because Omega-3s only traditionally came from a few sources, like from flax and fish. This poses a major health problem for those who do not eat those foods regularly. Microalgae oil supplements fill this need for vegetarian Omega 3s.
This means you don't have to live with high triglyceride levels any more. The Omega 3s and microalgae oil can provide you with the amount of fatty acid your body needs to control your triglyceride levels and live a healthy life.

You can make several simple changes to your daily life in order to avoid the health complications associated with elevated triglyceride levels. Try losing weight, eating right, and adding supplements such as a vegetarian Omega 3 from Microalgae oil so you can significantly lower your triglycerides.

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